Sunday, January 13

Step by Step

Well this has been an interesting weekend, to say the least.
I spent most of yesterday afternoon with Mom. I hadn't really planned THAT much "hanging" time, but it was pretty good, and I'm grateful that I have that opportunity. It's wonderful and scary at the same time, how much fun we can have together, these days. I regret that it's taken so long for us to reach this place. Here's a Psych thought for ya:
Do we get along so much, now, because I have finally become able to see some of the good qualities that God has given me, as GOOD? We are absolutely a lot alike, and I suspect that my acceptance of Mom and her idiosyncrasies grows in direct proportion to my self-acceptance.
We went to Menard's who "happened" to be having a big, fat 80% off Christmas sale. WOW talk about some serious shopping! (Mind you, it's never been my forte', but I am always open to practicing, when appropriately equipped :o> ) After about an hour & a half, we were getting hungry so we went to Golden Corral. I love their rolls & that awesome honey butter. I could literally eat that for every meal for a week. S'pose that I might be a "carbohydrate addict"?? So, I wolfed down 2 on top of WAAAYYY too many dessert items.
I have been getting a bit of exercise in lately. MORE than usual, but I would be elated to add exercise--of any kind, practically--to the list of things I tend to OVER-indulge in. Hah. Fat chance. :o( It must have been Friday that I did the most exercising of late, because I'm all sore in places that I was not aware that I have muscles. What a wuss.
Anyway, tomorrow morning I am going to Shelbyville, God willing, to meet the folks at "Sanctuary of Shelbyville". I'm excited to see the place, having been to their MySpace site and read a couple of things about them. A couple from a nearby church were led to sell their house and buy a National Guard Armory, and they have been working on turning it into a shelter or something for victims of Domestic Violence. I think it is going to be 10 apartments for the (woman, usually) and their kids. Since the people involved are doing it strictly from their own resources, I am going on a fact-finding mission, kind of, to see what CFWC can do to help. I am particularly interested in seeing if God wants ME to be of any specific service...
So. my dXh is going farther all the time into, uh, let's just say "curious" territory with his appearance. I was not surprised that he has been getting rather upset when we forget to call first and just drop in. His clothes and accessories have been gradually morphing into the affects of his past. He blows it off when I indicate that I'm noticing, but I have my concerns. It's hard to believe that neither of the boys has noticed anything unusual...Perhaps I will speak to him about it, more seriously.

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