Saturday, February 16

Things that make me go "hmmmmm".

Ok, so I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do with myself, when the time for full-time (or mostly) school is over. I think that Counseling is probably correct, but He hasn't let me in on anything more specific. SO, in my impatient, creative way, I've come up with an idea. We'll see if it makes it past the desk of the Boss...
I'm thinking of "Cross Addicted Consultants", for a group(?) of Christian---no, not "RELIGIOUS"---Addiction counselors. I hate that I feel the need to define every time I say "Christian", but really, folks, the image that comes to mind isn't very pretty, is it? No, mine isn't, either. Technically it is Christian, but these days, the word is thrown around by so many "Wanna-be's", that I wish I could come up with another more descriptive word.
So I'm trying to come up with a business plan, which could take until I'm done with all my classes, like in a year or more, in order to be able to look for GRANTS...Yeah, I suppose I couldn't do it any other way but to be a Non-profit...there again, God doesn't usually clue me in until I'm poised with one foot in the air and moving too fast to stop. Like in the Golden Child where Eddie Murphy is in the cavern trying to cross it, and there appears to be NOTHING that he can walk on to get across, but each step he take, there appears a stepping stone, kind of, just as his foot touches it. Yep, that's me.
since I know when the meeting starts in the morning, I'd better get my butt to bed. I would like to actually make it ON TIME for a change.
God, thanks for today. I got a few really good hugs tonight and I guess that's all I needed. and thanks for friends like G, who take the time to write encouraging words for the encourager.

Blessings all