Monday, July 21

12 Days and counting

That's right, in 12 days, we will be enroute to a little tiny town in TN, called "Burns", to see a very good friend that I've known since high school, and her family, AND to set eyes on someone who is becoming a more important part of my daily grind.
So, let's see...He's kind? Yes. spontaneous? Yes. Employed??? Yes! Serious about his own spiritual life? Yes! Literate? Quite.(His book collection may rival mine, in fact!) A Helper? Yes. A one-woman-man? (Claims to be, and seems to be...)Cutie-Patootie? Well, I'll try to get a picture up here for ya, so you can see fo-yo-sef! ;)
Gotta run.
Counting up change for the gas tank today. UGH.