Sunday, February 22

February 22

Hello. I'm just writing this in order to note where I "am" today. I find myself in the midst of several disturbing emotional and mental situations, and not certain at all where to begin my attempts to disentangle and re-situate my position in these arenas.
I am starting the dreaded(PTSD-triggering) Algebra class now; the ill cat is holding on, but still not really 100% ready to live w/o the thyroid medicine; the XH is doing a dance called "parental Alientation" with our youngest child, causing me to take legal action in the near future, AND because of his irresponsibility in paying taxes several years ago, *I* am not getting my tax refund back, b/c the IRS says SOMEBODY has to pay it, and I'm the first one to file their taxes. So, I am going to have to figure out how to get into a Counselor AND get my youngest into one asap.
I am tanning more and going to pray for willingness to forgive the XH.
So, how are things in your world?