Friday, March 13

Friday the 13th!!

BFD, huh? Yeah it means little to nothing to me, too. I just wanted to get your attention.
Things are looking ever-so-slightly UP around here; the boys and I began seeing a Male, Christian, Authoritative-but-not-snarky Counselor 3 weeks ago. The first time, the boys were both pissed off, and he gave us all TONS of homework. Second time, I wasn't too thrilled b/c he got onto me about sleeping in on a Sunday morning(AND,& BECAUSE) B & I had a huge blow out the day before. Last time, which was last Thursday, everyone spoke--even E, Ben actually smiled once or twice, and I think our dude GETS that I'm a real live Believer, and not a slacker-from-Hell kind of Mom. We had completed homework to turn in, and he returned a paper from the second visit and said he was impressed with (something) mine, but...not to seem actually happy with Overall, it was a god thing. Oops. I meant GOOD thing. Or did I? :)
Now I've gotta get back to Interning. BEginning week 2 of the MATH class, and so far so good.
(So GOD.)

Hugs to all....what've YOU been up to?