Sunday, January 17

Wisdom found while surfing...from Xanga!

Reasons Why Women Rock:

1. It's Biblical. Adam got sad and lonely and so God made him a partner, enter WOMAN!! She completed man and brought forth children onto the earth, which brings me to my next point...

2. Not a SINGLE ONE OF US would be here if it weren't for a woman. You don't even really need to have a man present to have a kid anymore. Science has given us the ability to replace that part of the equation, but they have yet to replace the best damned incubator on the face of the planet...Us.

3. Yes it's creepy, and gross, but we can bleed for a week and not die.....ha. ha.

4. Women work more than men. Now before you guys get your panties all in a twist, think about it. Who says yes to you when you propose, goes through all the paperwork to change her name on her drivers license, SS card, Passport etc. who has the kid, nurses it, weans it, feeds it (most of the time) cleans it (again, most of the time) clothes it, kisses its boo boos better, helps it get ready for prom/first date, and still finds time to cook, clean, love her husband and have a career (again, generalization)?

5. Women have made more advances than men for their gender. We went from repressed, dominated weaklings, to burning bras, gaining the right to vote, fighting for and serving our country, and running it if we wanted. We have Women Chiefs of Police, Fire Marshals, Chief Justices, Senators, House Representatives, Speakers for the House, Scientists, and in any other job you can imagine. And all of this is new. Yes there are jobs that women still can't do, like be in combat (though I believe that will change with time) but we're getting there.

6. We're pretty and boys want us.

7. We are strong. I mean, have you ever messed with a kid in front of his mom? I did ONCE and I got chewed out, and when I got home, I got my butt whooped by my mom, and it hurt WAY worse than my dad's spankings.

8. Women are also soft. We know we can be hard ass career minded kick ass bitches, but at the end of the day, we like to cuddle and talk and ease our stress, and our man's stress...which again leads to ...

9. We are loving. Every women, no matter how tough, has that one person that she loves more than anyone else and will sacrifice for even up to her life to make happy.

10. Boobs. ( I know kinda a mood killer after those last too paragraphs, but they don't look good on guys. Be proud of your racks ladies!)

Do you agree with this list? Why do you think women rock?