Thursday, January 10

Knitting isn't for sissies

Hey, gang;
Just hanging out putting off going to bed--coz the boys r at their Dads' tonight--and I thought I"d look around at some crafting sites. I found one that I'm so sorry that it appears to be closed out, but the comments are just TOO funny. The name is "You knit WWHAT??" and I had to share it with you.
I'm still trying to figure out all the bells & whistles, so if that link is not working, just do a search in blogger.
I saw something on hgtv earlier and it's got me thinking about maybe trying to improve my SAD knitting skills: knitting/crocheting with plastic bags. No, seriously!! I just really have a long way to go in the knitting department....Well, I could make something and it would be "green" at least.
Ugh. School starts back up in 4 more days....

Have a great rest of the evening, y'all.
tell me what you think about that site, k?