Tuesday, January 8

Rainy days, and living In the Ghetto...

Ha! I incorporated TWO old songs in that title. (OK, so I'm easily amused. I can admit it.)
Technically, I do not live in a ghetto. I'm pretty sure you have to have an overpopulation problem for "ghetto" to apply. So, for living in a smallish town in the Midwest, this is not too far from qualifying, with that one exception.
It just occurred to me that this might be considered a "Redneck ghetto". UGH!
I've been moving s-l-o-w-l-y today, and I contribute that to the fact that it's been very gray and raining for the most part. I'm about to put up another shelf in the bathroom, even though I'll probably get in trouble for it, when we move out. But the ones I've added so far have undoubtedly added to the ambiance in a positive way, so I guess I don't feel too bad. And I know that I can fill in the holes well enough. This place will retain memories of LOTS of change, for sure.
To name a few:
* Slipped and fell in the hallway, resulting my kneecap being shattered and having to have about a third of it removed.
* E, my youngest, started "real" school while living here.
* B began High School at the colossal, humongous, multi-million-dollar new school building.
* for the first time ever, I live(d) as the sole adult of the household, with my Mom as the only (other) person financially supporting us. I hate that it's like that, but I don't have any skills that would able me to get a job that paid enough to afford living outside of her place, and she's happy to get to help us, I guess. (My dXh has contributed some, to be sure, but not enough to handle even one utility for more than a month or so.)
*I returned to college, and am determined to get a degree or WHATEVER it takes
to be employable as a Substance Abuse counselor/tech, or the like.
*Thanks to the settlement, I am the delighted owner of the FIRST-EVER auto of mine that was made in the same decade that I owned it!! (I will have to get a photo of Ellie up here for ya. She's adorable. "More practical" than a fixed-up OLD Beetle--darn it--and we all love her.
*I will hopefully be able to begin working, somehow, with (the "unlovelies" as I heard a lady on the radio say once) the folks that a Human Services degree qualifies me to work with.

Anyway, I am as content today as I can be. My boys are both healthy, so far they are doing pretty well in school, and they are currently doing a little unwinding from school, via "Rampage" on the Game cube. Sigh.

Thanks, God for a bit of relative calm. :o)