Sunday, January 6

Another Saturday night...

Sorry. I really don't always think in songs, but tonight I seem to be. Let me wrap this one up:
"...and I ain't got nobody, I got some money, coz I just got paid. How I wish I had someone to talk to..."
OK. Now I feel better. I wish I could get on that show --or did they cancel it already?--where you have to know the words to the song, but not necessarily the tune. I think I'd do pretty well. Yeah, I'm good with trivia that won't ever matter much, not one of my most profitable abilities, but a fun one.
Today I went to a Wedding Shower for a friend of mine from church. It was kinda nice. I don't know if I've ever been to one of them before, not voluntarily, anyway, but I'm glad I went. It was held at the "Artcraft", an old historical small-town movie theatre, here in Franklin. It was really cool to go investigating/snooping around back stage and downstairs where they seem to keep a whole lot of dusty old things and musty smells. There is even an orchestra pit, although it only looked big enough for the barest of musical accompaniment.
The bride was glowing and her Mom was scurrying around getting everything together. Mom is quite the banquet-having woman, and the food was great, as usual.
After a little eating and playing a couple of the required "shower" games, we watched "My big fat Greek wedding", which was really a pretty cute movie. I wished for a minute that I could have had a big family like the bride did. It only took a second to remember the amount of dysfunction that would be piling up, then, like a big multi-car freeway accident, and decided it's best that I only have the one brother. Huge families have their points, I guess, but it would never work for us. Probably "providence" or something. lol Not enough of the members of truly twisted families are able to swim for long in the gene pool, to create a family tree that forks that many times. Or something.
Having just completed my LAST divorce procedure, it was rather bitter-sweet, to be frank. But I remarked to the ladies there in the theatre, that when the couple on the screen were beginning to get together, he was actually thinking about me. Funny. I wouldn't know what to do with a guy like that. Then I think back on the early days with D, and it was SOOO romantic and heady...dreamy. And so long ago.
I hate movies like that. Makes me think of another movie that I hated not too long ago: The Notebook. I love Jim Garner, and the girl (who was that?) was excellent, too. Such a sweet story. I hated it. D tricked me into watching it with him. (At least that's my story-the tricking part) I know it bothers him that I can and DO put my emotions up on a shelf when dealing with him, and us. He was probably hoping, for what? Any kind of emotional reaction from me? I suppose so.
It was easier on me when he was still hoping. But as he began to accept that the divorce was about to become a reality, he began to feel anger, etc. I know it takes whatever it takes, to burst through the denial in difficult matters of the heart. But I think it's best for him, that he's gotten through it now. Not better for the kids, by any means. Now they get to hear and see his moods; he's not so likely to show that he's glad to see them, when he's so bothered by what I'm doing or NOT doing in his mind....

Anyway. I think I'm going to call Sara soon, and see if she will be able to have coffee soon. I've not been able to get ahold of my Sponsor for a little while, and Sara might be a possible lady for me to get together with now. She's got enough time, and she is crafty as heck---which suits ME to a T!!

I'll be back again tomorrow, probably. May we all get the sleep we need tonight, and dreams of good things. Blessings to you, and chocolate ice cream.