Wednesday, January 16

How's everyone today? Busy, right? Yeah, that seems to be the buzz-word of the year, so far. Kinda getting on my nerves, actually, but that's enough for now. I've got better things to tell ya about...
I did get over to S-ville Monday, and the "Sanctuary" is really crazy cool. (Did I just completely AGE myself or what?) Seriously, it would have to be "the SH*T" if it wasn't so totally a God-thing!!!
I got to meet the husband-wife team that are turning the old Armory building into a temporary/transitional housing site for Survivors of Domestic Violence. They are a couple of really impressive people. I s'pose I ought to give you an idea of what impresses me, huh? (Maybe that could stand a bit of a qualifier...)
She: strong and slender, mid-40's. She dresses modestly, but not "frumpily" , speaks like a woman with a clearly focused passion. K is the heart of the deal, and she is relatively "street-wise" for being a church lady. This is due in part to having been married to an alcoholic for a number of years, I imagine. If a woman can come through her man's active addiction without losing herself, and with her spirit intact, she has accomplished something, I think. I forget how long D was drinking, but K somehow convinced him that she really meant it, this time, and he didn't think much of the idea of living under a bridge, so he got into a recovery program.
He: Slim, intelligent and also deeply committed to the Sanctuary. Worked for 20-odd years as a Head Engineer-type something at some big company, while at the same time, also working hard at his preferred vocation, which involved amassing a substantial set-up of sound, lights, stage and any other kind of equipment necessary for a concert, or multi-media event. "Coincidentally", the Sanctuary has a large gymnasium which is being used for fund-raising events, like concerts, conferences, banquets, and the like. Also "coincidentally", D did a lot of managing
commercial construction sites, and as he explained to me, the renovations they are doing to the building are actually not anything tricky at all for him.
I think God hand-picked the two of them, and they seem to be really content at this juncture and anxious to continue moving toward completion. I hope that I will be able to be involved in this ministry. K said to me that she realizes the need for someone who has lived it, to be able to talk to the women who will be coming, and to the population in general, as there are certain to be some drug-related situations. Funny, when I think of domestic violence, or homelessness, etc., it almost starts the first notes of a song in my head, to the tune of "Love and Marriage" (They DO go together like a horse and carriage, don't they?)
Well, that's enough for now. I'd love to stay in here with you all night, but I've got some other procrastinating to do, before I get crackin' (no, not like that, you silly.) on my shiny new textbooks. This semester I'm taking "Interviewing and Assessment" and "Counseling Issues and Substance Abuse" or something like that. SO, be warned:
I'll be needing to do several interviews. Drop me a line if you'd be willing to volunteer for me. If possible I will even let you pick the topic, as long as it's not a shameless plug for something. (lol)

Have a good evening, citizens.