Wednesday, February 27

How YOU doin'?

It's about 20 degrees outside, and I've finally broken down and put plastic around the window, here in front of the computer desk. Ugh. It got to where the nice little breeze that comes in through it (yes, when it's closed) is more similar to the freezer than the fridge. My little toes cannot take much more of that!
This weekend will (hopefully) mark a first for me. A recently single girlfriend and I will be going to the state conference for a certain 12 step program, and I'm kinda excited! I don't often get or take the opportunity to get "spiffied up", and I like to remind myself that I can still do it. I think we're going to try to go for the Saturday afternoon/evening events, including probably a meeting or 2 and the dance :o) ! Yay.
(Oh, btw, did I ever tell you about my "bff" & I, in about 9th grade, square-dancing to AC/DC? Her Dad was a square-dance caller,, nevermind)
I hope to retain some semblance of my spirituality, but, I'll confess, just between you and me: I'm hoping to get a few head-turns. My physical appearance has not been a top priority for a while now, but for the last couple of weeks I've been actively attempting to incorporate some kind of exercise into my day. I know it will be an infinity before it shows to anyone other than myself, but, you know, my little ego could use a good rubbing.
Reminds me of the old days, when my gfriend & I would go to the roughest biker bar we could find, knowing it would be more likely that we would be in the top percentile looks-wise, coz, hey--we had all of our teeth! Is that just WRONG? Hm. Not gonna say. Reckon as the addictive process gets a better and better grip on ya, you tend to just seek out your kind, lower and lower on the evolutionary scale. It's almost laughable, now..."Well, at least I've got all my teeth!"
Those were the days.
So, how's your week going?