Saturday, February 23

You don't like the weather, here? Just wait a few minutes...

Yes, the weather here in Indiana changes more often than most folks' underwear. (Today, we finally have SNOW!!)

Speaking of changes, things here are changing a bit; as of a few days ago, I'm officially EMPLOYED!! (WOO HOO!!) And I'll tell you WHY it's so great! Because for like, the second time, EVER, this gig is something that I WANT to do, and I have faith that overall, I will really like it AND be good at it! It's actually within the parameters of my field of study!! So, yes, I'm a little bit excited about it. The pay will be easily the highest I've ever received, although at first I won't be getting many hours. Essentially, I'll be getting paid to watch and observe people, and report what I see and hear. As a people-watcher from WAAYY back, this is something I can absolutely get behind. Now, there will be some parts of it that will qualify it as "work", namely, the emotional factor. This job involves children who are no longer living with one or both of their parents, and their visitation time with one another. It sounds emotionally charged just from that, huh? Well, hopefully it won't always be rough like that, but if it is, I know that my part will be to help the kids with it, in one way or another.

Another change is that I went to the "eHarmony" website to get my "personality profile" and see what it said about me. I remembered from a while back that you could go and get the test run for free, and learn a bit about yourself...well, I went ahead and got a temporary kind-of membership. Yeah, ok, so I'll admit it, I've been having those thoughts about several of the males in my life, lately, and that's probably got something to do with going ahead and signing up. As long as I was straight in my profile, that I want a FRIEND for the time being...if that much even happens. We'll see. I just can't allow myself to accept my suspicion that there really are no good guys left, that aren't over 70 or mute/comatose. I'll let you know if anything interesting transpires.

I also admitted to a friend tonight that I think he's really special, and cute. lol Those who know me are rolling their eyes, about now. Eh, he needed some assurance that he's still an ok guy--his wife threw him out so that she could carry on with her boss, and he's taken it to be that he's no good.

Anyway. That's probably way more excitement than I need, so I guess I'll stop stirring the sh*t, now.
blessings, friends