Friday, March 7

And the Dr. sez

Went to the clinic today and chatted with the most awesome Dr. in the world. I realy think the world of her, in case that doesn't show.
Told her my plan and how I'm doing with it, as far as weaning off the (somone said it should be called "Crackbalta") medicaiton. She said it sounded good. Brought in the PDR so we could be th check it out; she hadn't realised it was that awful to get off of. I love it when medical ppl are aware that they are ALSO JUST HUMAN.

Nice new glasses, she had on today.
ANyway, so I'm off. It's been snowing and blowing so far today, so I'm off to et outside things done so I can get back home and make sure everyone is warm.

Hug somebody today, they might be having it worse than you are. :o)