Friday, March 21

Easy Does It? HUH?

OK, so I'm working on this "balance" thing. But, what IS balance, really? (That depends on your definition of the word "is".)Yeah, ok, so I'm really wanting ot play some mental handball right now, but I really have better things to do. What I DID, is call the Principal and leave a message addressing my eldest son's consistent tardiness and then I called the Paternal Unit in the equation and asked him if he might be willing to house said teenager until the school year is over. My reasoning being that the Paternal Unit is infinitely more successful at motivating the teenager to arise in the morning, and go forth.
The upside: Dad will be receiving more responsibility for the teenager, and thereby releasing the Maternal Unit(Yours Truly, in case you were wondering)from a smidgen of her responsibility. Also, that the boy will absolutely not be forgetting this lesson anytime soon. It hasn't done anything to help him by allowing him to feel the monetary pain of paying for gas to drive him the times that he's overslept, So this, I believe is the last recourse.
The downside: He will be receiving even less "standard" parenting interactions; while I am fully aware that I do not know much about the mind of a young male child, I DO know a whole lot more about the emotional needs of my children. IE, everything not related to testosterone, I feel competent to address. The belligerence has been escalating, and I don't really know why, other than I haven't been spending as much time with them, individually as I might. God help me, I just need to get my time management under control. I want to be able to apply my "No Regrets" lifestyle hypothesis to raising my kids, of course, but is that even possible?
As a brilliant sometimes-prophetic young Irishman sang:
"If ya wanna touch the sky, gotta learn how to pray. On yer knees, boy."
- "boy", + "Mom".