Tuesday, March 18

New friends...

I am not going to be here for long. I had to tell you that I'm making new friends on a couple of Internet introductory sites, and it's REALLY cool. One is free,t he other is not, but the quality of folks on them is really not a bit different from the other. Funny thing is, I mentioned something about it to my Mom, and the next time I saw her, she'd begun thinking about trying to meet someone!! She's been cooped up in that house since she bought it, I'm afraid. I keep asking her to come to church with me, and we'd talked about going on a cruise or something, but I don't know if that's realistic now. Who knows. I know she's got a lot to give to the right gentleman. I'm going to have to run my new acquaintances past her before too long, I guess. It will help me to put it off, knowing that she's probably going to be less than thrilled with certain things about them. Oh. Well. I'm sorry that that may be the case. Having kissed more than my fair share of frogs, I have finally discerned some NONnegotiable traits, and whomever I might be talking to, will be excelling at these qualities.
We just want what's (our perception of) best for our loved ones, right? Anyway, I'm eating up the kind conversation and intrigue like it was Johnny Depp at a party of all my friends.
Oh! And I went to 2 meetings yesterday, and one of them was following a free spaghetti dinner! Yay!!