Monday, June 9

This just in:

For those of you prone to praying, please keep us in mind. The little community of Central Indiana, of which I am a part (Johnson County, to be specific) got a HUGE amount of rain, fast and furious, just a couple of days ago, and there are lots of families who have nowhere to sleep, and nothing to call their own, now. I am so grateful that none of my family have been personally affected, but friends of mine were talking about their downstairs being 2 feet under water, and my place of employment was indeed closed for the time being, as of yesterday afternoon.
This is easily the most water I've ever seen come down, up close, at the same time. It's just like you always see the ppl on the news, but this time it was actually in Myhometown, Main Street!!
Someone said God is cleaning things up. Not sure if that's funny or scary. Or just sad.
I know He's big, and I'm really grateful that He loves us. Sometimes the things that seem the worst are the same things that bring us back to His arms. At least that's how it's been for me. I'm no theologian. Just a plain old Christian, trying to make sense.
Good thing I'm not in charge.
Blessings to all.