Thursday, July 3

July is here!!

Hey, everyone (all 3 of ya! lol) It's good to be here and see your bright little faces!I've been besieged by life for the last little while, but I've come up to grab a breath of fresh air, and of course, I thought of you. Sigh.
I'm just a little over halfway through this CRAZY summer semester, where I apparently had lost all sense of time and space when I signed up for FOUR courses, in an 8 week period. WITH the boys home from school and driving me flat crazy!! What the Hell was I thinking? I'm not frankly sure, but I HOPE and pray that I learn my lesson! I suppose having the computer's usualcough and sputtering going on, hasn't helped, and the flood last month certainly hasn't helped anything.
I am grateful beyond words, in fact it still boggles my mind to try and consider what life would be like if my home had been in the flood zone. Maybe a complete lack of anything vaguely resembling "normalcy". I spoke to an old friend last night after a meeting and he has a recovery brother staying at his place with him for now. I know he's grateful to have a place, AND to be able to help out Sherm. No question. But wouldn't ANYBODY, 'specially in the over 55 age bracket, be a little off with someone in their space, unexpectedly, and 24/7!?! I imagine it's uncomfortable for them both, but I also know that they love each other like brothers and it would NOT be any other way. Personally I think Bob likes having someone around to scrap and bitch at, again. Him and the dogs have had it too quiet since "she" left. ;)
Anyway, I've been hanging out on a couple of free "dating" sites. The first several men I spoke to more than a time or two were "basically" or "practically" divorced. Puh-lease. I guess I look "basically" ignorant. I have wondered if the fact that my profiles are blatant about my being a Christian, makes me look like an easy mark? There was one guy, that I'm 99% certain was going to try to scam me. I told him I was uncomfortable and had been there and had someone try to do that before, and he got kind of quiet. I did both of us a favor and dropped him. C'mon, do they think we can't TELL the difference between a good REAL picture and a model's head shots??????
Sure, he was pretty, but ain't NOTHIN' THAT good...
I do laugh to myself, though, b/c what was he going to GET from me? This turnip hasn't got a DROP of blood to syphen (sp?) out.
Any who. I have been steadily talking to a really nice, REALLY nice and funny as anything, gentleman. I'm thinking about closing up my profiles for the time being, cos I've proven that I'm not quite slick enough---still, can you imagine that?!---to "juggle" more than one. Reckon that's why I never really wanted to try.
It just seems like in order to avoid the accellerated introductory,(etc.) stage, as I've found myself doing previously, it would be good to keep talking to more than one guy. You know, how serious can you be when your attention is divided?
Maybe I'll tell you all the story about how I realised that I'm not capable of that. It was pretty friggin' embarrassing, but I told my Gentleman friend about it, and we had a good laugh. The short version is, I thought HE was sending me really sweet texts, on a more serious and intimate (not dirty) level than we'd talked before. I was just speechless when I read them, and so flattered, and all, and of course replied back and was (apprehensively!) intrigued. So later that day I sent him an Email--not text--saying "Easy does it!" and/or somethign to indicate that he was coming on a BIT too strong for me. He wrote back asking what I was refering to, at about the same time that I get another text from Mr. X....I finally looked at teh phone number that they were coming from and DUHHHH!!!!! They weren't from my Friend at all. They were from one of the other fellows that I had CUT LOOSE a few days before. OMG!! So I'd ANSWERED the wrong guy and he had no idea what he'd said or done to require my telling him to slow down.
Yes, I felt like a complete and utter idiot.
I will not be texting to anymore men, that's for sure. lol
So that's it from the front of the online dating scene.

I found a great book att eh library about the whole thing, called "I love you, let's meet". A journalist's experiences with a few different online dating sites, and her thoughts about the men she'd met and all that goes on. It's a great book.
NO I don't have any time to be reading that fluff right now. Shut up!
I'm going to go sew.
THEN I'll get back to the school stuff.
Stop trying to be the boss of me.