Monday, July 14

Visiting with the babies...

Today I got to meet K and her two beautiful boys, J and K. The boys are almost 2 and almost 3, and very smart, and well-behaved. Mom was mistakenly given a combination of drugs which incapacitated her, leading to the authorities taking her children from her, and the intervention of the organization that I am currently working with. I am going to get to be with them twice a week, for I don't know how long, until the courts decide that she is safe to have them back again, I suppose. After being given this toxic mix of meds, K was sent home alone, with the boys, and they were found outside at dusk, alone. She was unaware that they were outside, and from what I can gather, she was probably in a black-out.
It reminds me of when I was first introduced to a certain anti-depressant, and I discovered, much to my chagrine, that when I took the meds and drank, I absolutely blacked-out every time! This was around the time of my stay at Charter Hospital, when I wasn't ready to talk about my ongoing affair with alcohol. "I was just depressed!"
When I realised that the meds plus drinking equalled my completely losing the activities of the evening, I (doing the only thing a good drunk could)was forced to stop taking the antidepressants...and so continued unsuccessfully self-medicating.
I'd been a black-out drinker long before this had happened, but it just made it come on that much earlier. I'll never forget going around to people at the bar the next night, alopogising "just in case", because I had no idea what had been said or done the night before. (In retrospect, that was a very common occurrance, and I wonder why I felt the need to try and make amends on those couple of times I'm aware of? Hm.)
Anyway, K is a smart and very personable person, about 24 I think. The boys have the same "sperm-donor"; she tells me that he was abusive, and she's glad she's away from him, now. I hope so. Those 2 impressionable babes don't stand a chance if they are raised thinking it's acceptable to abuse their Mother.
Better get back to work.
I am feeling like this semester's schoolwork is gong to show the lack of attention I've been giving it, when grades come out, but as much as I hate the thought, I'm really just looking forward to the day when the semester is over.
Then, God willing, we'll be Nashville bound!!
And that will be another LONG entry... :oD