Wednesday, July 30

Wednesday already??!!

Ok, I'm wrapping up the semester's final efforts. Ugh. We'll see how kind and compassionate the Instructors are, I guess. ;) I hope to never over-extend myself like that again. Not having the time with the boys was a good part of the grief, I will tell you. They are growing and GROWING. Little one turned 8 last Friday and lost a tooth night before last.
Getting antsy and very anxious about the trip to TN in a couple of days. I think it's good with God, as He gave me some $ out of nowhere, that I was wondering where it would come from (Gas), but regardless, I am feeling SO hopeful, and when I talk to "that man in GA", I ALWAYS feel better, even when we've spoken about things that are awful to talk about. Encouraging, understanding, interested in ME... and not all the bulls**t I'd grown accustomed to with the Drama Queen. Is it even close to being normal to be so scared just to MEET him? I've chosen so poorly before, or rather so BLINDLY, and I just don't trust my own judgment. I tol d my SIL today that he's going to have to have EVERYONE'S approval if it's going to go anywhere other than friendship. It's so good to have an emotional connection with a man like him. But the emotions are getting other parts of me to wake up. Rut roh. (Down, Grrl!!!)
I'll keep ya posted. Afraid we're not going to get to go, and afraid we ARE going to