Friday, August 8

CHILD LOST: Self-Acceptance

Here is some priceless information, posted by a remarkable woman...Thought it might be helpful to more than just me. :)

CHILD LOST: Self-Acceptance

Tips to develop self-acceptance.

Refuse to measure yourself to people's expectations.
Take care of yourself and do not wait for others to do so.
Allow yourself to listen to other people's opinions and objections without holding grudges and learn to develop tolerance.
Accept compliments from others and trust that they are true.
Find the good and attractive parts of you. Reassure yourself that you are OK. Focus on the positive about you.
Compliment yourself for the task you have accomplished or allow yourself to accept your mistakes and shortcomings.
See yourself as a whole person, a gift and of value to yourself, in the eyes of others and in the eyes of God.
There are parts of you that you can change and work on improving. However, stress occurs when you focus on the parts that you think are unattractive to others.
You become attractive when you portray a remarkable personality, honest in your dealings and show other positive characteristics.
Self-criticism and picking yourself apart is only going to make you uncomfortable and pulls you away from happiness and a sense of well-being.
When you learn to feel compassionate toward yourself, you are letting go of wanting to get approval from others.
Your willingness to admit and not evade what you think, feel and desire allow you to release your judgments and commit more on your personal growth and self-actualization.
If you have made a mistake, accept and come to terms with the feelings, thoughts and acts and then let them go. Start all over and confront your uncertainty by reacting positively and fearlessly. You are not your mistakes. Learn to interpret yourself differently.
Your self-esteem and personal growth improves when you give yourself permission to embrace yourself for your weakness. You can start today in acknowledging your limitations in knowledge and skills and work on areas that allow you to find the solutions to enhance your strengths.

"Since the perfect human being has not been discovered, we all need to live with our hang-ups and our idiosyncrasies until they can be ironed out. One of the most important qualities in successful, dynamic living is that of self-acceptance."