Friday, August 8

the truth always comes out~OR~Stupid people shouldn't tell lies

Well, I thought I'd update you a bit on Big D's (my Georgia Sweety) X's legal BS...When they got to court, she had a recording of "someone" saying the things that she's accused him of, and Big D relayed that it was obviously a white man trying to sound like a black man. The "black man" said that Big D had whatever connection with some kind of harm that was s'posed to be going down, to the X...The synopsis is that the judge said that while "Something happened"--as in a phone call or 2 were made--, there was no evidenc that Mr. Big D had ANYTHING to do with it.
Before they'd entered the courtroom, Big D said she was making faces and trash-talking him, and WHAT a change there must have been on the trip out of the courtroom!! I received a call on my cellphone and a relieved D said "Guess what I'm not wearing!Now, don't you go there!" lol I said "No silver bracelets, huh?"

But, to backtrack, (I suppose I could mention something about THE MEETING...)I will tell you that we had a very nice 2 1/2 hours together, my Big D & I. He took me up to the top of a mountain there, in Ga., and we walked around a lake that was up on the top of it, and talked and talked and talked. :) I took his hand when we began our walk, and that's just how we rolled. :D Nothing more, although I would be lying if I said it didn't cross my mind.
It was SOOO sweet. The humidity about killed me, but the company was SO who I'd hoped he would be, that I hardly even noticed. So, yeah, I guess you could say that it was a trip and time WELL spent. I hope and pray that the Lord will continue to work in this, and that we will eventually be able to have much more time for such expeditions together.

Love? I dunno. I'm not sure of how to recognize it, actually. But I DID get a decent grade in my "Love, Romance & Relationships" class, so I just might be ready. ;)
Have a great weekend, y'all. I'll just be walking here with my head in the clouds for a bit.