Friday, November 21


Guess who finally got her new BED and MATTRESS!?!! Yes, this afternoon, between clients, I went with a wonderful friend to the place and we brought my Heaven-sent mattress home. (And, yes, it does NOT take a lot to thrill me. Must be why I am so fond of men, huh?) lol Anyway, I'm beside myself---you know the one---the self with the ACHING back for the last month or better---about the idea of sleeping on a sweet pillowtop mattress for the unending future!! I told myself that when I got the new mattress and all, I would go back to the Chiropractor, and see if he could snap my spine back to where it's s'posed to be. Then the sleeping conditions will have the best chance of HELPING...
Anyway, I'm rushing off now to go do a "visit". THings at work are picking up and I am still decorating and decopaging my room. It's good to be creative when there's nobody around to tell you it's not being done "right".
Blessings and good sleep to all.