Tuesday, February 3

...what was and what shall never be...

Ever notice how you can go for months, maybe even years without thinking of someone, and then suddenly they're in your mind, like the FRONTAL LOBE, and everything that you ever had, did, said, or felt with them, is right THERE? ALL the TIME??
Yeah, me neither.

This morning I received an email that reminded me of WHY I am not SETTLING for anything less than a man who makes me smile from the inside out whenever I think of him...
Here's the question of the day:

When's the last time you heard from your "FIRST LOVE", and how did you feel?
Although I have many reasons to feel badly (for my part in the relationship--I was SUCH a sick little girl. Fo shizzle.), I have made my amends to him, and I am happy for his having found a wonderful life for himself and his wife. And their 7 cats and a poodle named Bullwinkle.
But I am certain beyond a shadow of a doubt, if there ever WAS any doubt, that I will be in love with this man until long after I'm dead. Is that how it just IS, I mean with your first love??
I know that there are things that are never going to be the same, like I AM kind of a bit more weathered,and perhaps even jaded... but I also know that I can feel that swooning, light-headed kind of infatuated, head-over-heels breathlessness. So why would I want to settle for less?
I don't NEED a mate, now do I?
Nope. Sho don'.

So, where were we?
Oh, yes. I have a little more skip in my step tonight. I actually put on some MAKE-UP for no good reason, just to go to a meeting. I think I want to remember this feeling. I certainly can't forget HIM. And US.
May God bless his happy life and give he & his wife everything they want together.