Thursday, January 22

OK, drumroll, please......

I try, really TRY, to keep my meandering to a semi-respectable minimum...really, I do. I KNOW how easy it is for me to log on and start catching up on the blogs I've become attached to--"just a quick glance"--to ease my withdrawals guilt from not keeping 'in touch', and then find myself STILL wandering around on here, from one to another interesting writer...HOURS later.
I HATE the fact that I AM chronologically impaired. Challenged. RETARDED. I just have no comprehension, most of the time, of TIME. I'm chronically LATE, lose track of the passage of time ALWAYS, and.....where was I? Oh, yeah: whining. Sorry. Sheesh.
So, anyway, I'm going to try and grab TEN bloggers to nominate for the Lemonade Award, b/c it's what I'm s'posed to do, and because I know it's a thrill for ME to have gotten nominated, and hopefully it will please the other recipients, as well.
So, darlings, here they are, in no particular order:

A Room of Mamas Own

Courage & Pop Tarts

Vicarious Rising

The Write Thought

Stuff Christians Like

The Junky's Wife

What Winners Do

Wait. What?

Three Byrds Nest

Now, I realize that there are not actually 10 there, but if you want to send me some suggestions, I'd be more than happy to stick in a couple more nominees. I haven't met my allotment, yet, so it should be ok. ;)

And I'm sorry it's taken me a while to get this posted, but those who know me, are used to it by now.
Word of the day:
Addlepated. Look it up. ;)

Congrats to the nominees, and I hope you are as blessed as I am by the magnanimous award nomination thing.