Sunday, April 5


Today is the 5th of April. I'm going to be 44 years old in less than 48 hours. Hm. This would probably be a decent time for a searching and fearless moral inventory, don't you think? I'm not so sure. However, since I've been less than consistent in writing of late, I think I might take a few minutes to post something of an update.
On Wednesday, I did indeed go to a place near Chicago (Des Planes?), and spent a couple of days with a new friend. We'll call this friend C.
The couple of weeks leading up to this little jaunt northward were filled with torment, chaos, despair, and various other mental and emotional issues, to say the very least. By the time this week rolled around, being my boys' Spring Break, I was chomping at the bit to GET THE HELL OUT OF DODGE, to say the least. I actually managed to not have to miss any work AND the boys were taken care of w/o my having to scramble and bribe people to take them. The cats were fed while I was away, and the traffic wasn't terrible. It was almost like God was ok with me going on a road trip.
While I was there, I must say that I was pampered, well-fed, and got to 2 meetings--that's about double as many as I'd been getting to, in as much time, lately!!!
Oh, and let's not forget the bouquet of flowers that greeted me upon my arrival.
I left feeling pretty good about myself. All things considered, it was a little slice of Heaven.
I told my boys that I was going to leave for a couple of days before I left, and they haven't asked for any more information, so I'm not volunteering it. I hope that things will continue to be close between C and myself.

Things at the "Spiritual" home are odd and curious to me. More and more talk of God's love and how we don't need to be afraid of Him, and no where is there any word of His Holiness and our need to face our sinful nature and walk before Him accordingly. The Leadership bunch went to KC to a "revival" last week, and now in today's sermon, I think I heard the word "revival" at least a dozen times. I'd not noticed it previously more than a couple of times in as many months or more. Maybe it seems to be a good way to get more people through the doors. The new faces that I've seen lately are definitely from a more affluent area than the members of our small-ish church. (Btw, it REALLY bothers me that the Pastor calls the people listening to the sermon "the Audience"--Is it just ME?? I want to be part of a Congregation.) We went to another church recently, downtown Indy, meeting in an old public school building. The music was slower and so-so, but it was REAL. After each song, NOBODY clapped. I heard the BIBLE taught, there. The people were probably all in fairly dire straits($), yet the spirit was full and solid. I think we might just return there soon. The boys wanted to go back to the old place they are familiar with, understandably so. However, we might just starve to death there, and they will be able to make friends elsewhere easily enough...
And in other news, my Mom has found a friend online, who likes a lot of the same things that she does. She says he was married to an alcoholic for many years, just like she was. :) Crazy world, huh?
Gotta go, now. I have a boy in the bathtub and a sweety IMing me. :D
Take care of you, ok? And I hope you'll be out in the sunshine as soon as it comes to you, like I am hoping to be.