Friday, May 8

Some days are just GOOD like that.

So, I was driving along the other afternoon, like I do oh, so often, observing the wild geese along the sides of the "back roads" to the local Wally World. I have been really pretty concerned for the better part of the last couple of years about the migrating Geese, here, and the numbers of them I see along the side of the road, having met their untimely demise. Sometimes it's a goose, sometimes a duck, and occasionally it's a little baby one-or-the-other... Of course, there's usual raccoon or groundhog, sometimes an o'possum or a miscellaneous wild critter, but usually a couple will be lying there at any given time. The only exception being the dead (sorry for that pun)of winter.
This critter carcass collection has brought me more than a little anxiety, and I'm not entirely sure why that is. Do other people find themselves peering obsessively over their steering wheel,to avoid hitting the little-footed things who might have wandered out into the road? Or do other people just not really give it any thought, unless it's big enough to do damage to their vehicle? I don't know, but I do know that it's been a big enough concern of mine in recent years that I have sworn off driving on certain country roads after the sun begins going down, for fear of accidentally hitting something.
I'm not really trying to make this a big bummer of a post. Just giving you some background. No, really! Here's the point that caused me to finally break the long post-fast:
Where was I? Oh, yeah:
Driving along the back road behind Wally World. There are dozens of Canadian geese hanging out around here right now, and they are majestic and quite enticing to me. Yes, I really want to go pet them, but I have enough farm-living experience to know that they would REALLY not share my warm fuzzy feelings, and in fact, I could end up seriously maimed. (I blame the rest of humanity for this situation. Not YOU, of course, but you know, THEM.)So, I was enjoying watching them pecking and eating grass and all, seeing that everyone had a matching bird nearby, b/c I'm pretty sure these birds are among those who mate for life, when I saw-OH JOY OF JOYS!!! The first BABY goslings of the year!!! YAY!!! Talk about wanting to go PET THEM!!
Yes, just like that old retarded cartoon who says he will "love them and hug them and squeeze them...." (while the intended object of affection is trying wildly to just GET AWAY) yes, that would be me, in my little fantasy world. lol
Anyway, it has been glorious here, what with the local church where I go to most of my beloved (ok, sometimes NOT so much, but usually I like them, at least) recovery meetings having HUGE lilac bushes in bloom--and wow do they have a strong fragrance--and several other sweet flowery things wasping through the air here and there...and now the baby chickies and duckies arriving. No I haven't actually seen any live chickies, (peeps from Easter do not count, I know) but the Tractor Supply place's sign says that they are there for anyone (!!!) to come and pet...
And, this week I was blessed to have a very sweet man in my company. Craig came to see me from the Chicago area. He is recovering and has probably as many issues as I do, but he is NOT an angry-yelling-snippy person, at least not so far... we have been talking for over a year, getting to know one another a bit...He is smitten as he ought to be (lol) and I find his company to be generally very soothing and I feel comforted when he holds me.
Don't get me started about his butt.
Anyway, seriously, we have discussed many intimate things, and I am grateful that we have not done the THING that, when prematurely acted on, usually = the kiss of death for me in relationships. He has a sweet sweet spirit, and my Mom seems to like him, too.
B is living with Grandma, btw. The tension between the boys had gotten to be 24/7 and there was no stopping in sight. It wasn't like he was kicked out, but rather, we talked about it, and agreed that it would be best for the boys to have a break from each other for the rest of the school year. So far, it has been a GOD-send. I haven't been feeling the tightness in my chest nearly as much of late. The boys each seem to be much more relaxed. I really don't know if it's the best scenario, but right now, it appears to be working, somehow. I heard a rumor that B thinks he might be switching schools for next year, so I guess we'll see. Maybe letting Mom have him IS the best thing at this point....

How's YOUR little Universe?