Friday, May 22

A little educational tidbit for you. Enjoy.

SO TRUE, it hurts.

A.D.D. is The Curse that Keeps on Giving. It never stops. It never lets up. It never gives you a break. It is a curse from Pandora’s Box. You can’t put it back in. It stays with you till death. You can’t take a drug that will wipe it out. You can’t get a transfusion or a transplant. You can’t even use sleep to turn it off: it interferes with your sleep. All you can do is mask the symptoms using drugs or behavior modification (more likely both). Your daily existence becomes a non-stop minute-by-minute battle to create a “normal” existence. At any minute you may lose the normalcy battle. 1
A.D.D. is not a gift waiting to be unwrapped despite the bullsh*t to the contrary.2 A gift is something of joy and happiness. Each time you look at a gift you have warm feelings inside. So, how can anyone in their right mind claim that A.D.D. is a gift? Do you know anyone who has the warm fuzzies inside knowing that they have A.D.D.? Do you know anyone who has a gift that they have to fight, coax, corner and wrestle with every waking and sleeping moment of their lives? Pulleeze! Enough of this nonsense. Let’s grow up! A.D.D. sucks and it sucks big time! Sure it helps to fuel my imagination and it makes me the most well liked person in the office but it also carries so many negatives that I rather be a bit unimaginative and less well liked and have less A.D.D. At least if A.D.D. were a cancer it could be removed, it could go into remission, it could give you a f**king break. But to call it a gift? Sorry.This ill-founded boosterism belittles the real anguish of dealing with A.D.D. on a daily basis. I, for one, rather face the truth instead of deluding myself with such nonsense. I rather know my enemy for what it is so I can better control it and maybe, yes, conquer it even if the conquest only lasts a solitary minute.

1. Keep in mind that A.D.D.ers don’t know what normal is. The fact that you have to battle with yourself to create a normal existence is, in itself, not normal. Someone who is truly normal does not have to think about being normal, they just are normal. It is not a conscious decision. A “normal” is just an approximation of normal. I wrote in A Job With Benefits that “This concept of A.D.D. normalcy is, one might say, asymptotic in nature (think calculus, here). The gets infinitely closer to “normalcy” but never reaches it. Normalcy always eludes the The is always in a state of Becoming normal but is never in a state of Being normal. To put it another way, the train of normalcy is always approaching the station but it never arrives.”↩
2. For an interesting look at the bullsh*t from two people who should know better - Drs. Hallowell and Handelman - see their site Unwrapping the Gift of A.D.D. Even the name of the site makes you want to throw up. At a later time I’ll take a closer look at their shenanigans. They should be ashamed of themselves for perpetuating the fraud of A.D.D. as a Gift. Please…take this gift and shove it…I don’t want it anymore.↩

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