Sunday, June 28

Just walking along, minding my own...

WOW stuff can happen in a flash. And sometimes it's even GOOD stuff!!! OK, I hadn't necessarily meant to write anything now, but here I am, and I have to tell you:
I'm working on a grant proposal for funding to get the HOMELESS YOUTH outreach started!!! YEAH! I'm psyched, to put it mildly. Been at work most of the day, on a SUNDAY, mind you, working on it. I've never written anything like a grant thing, before, so to say that I'm anxious would probably be correct.
Anything, we had meeting/planning committee--whatever they called it--#2 last Thursday, and our baby got a name: Displaced Youth Task Force, or DYTF for short. ("Task Force" makes me think of the way the military has named everything "Operation______" of late, like there is a task force for most everything, isn't there? But I guess if it suits the folks who are going to provide us with the MEANS to do what we must do, what do I care what they want to call it?)
So, I've been busily writing a Cover Sheet for the grant request, and also playing around with a logo.
It keeps coming into my little mind how the abbreviated name (DYTF) is kind of close to "WTF", as in "WHY the f*ck?" So, how can I incorporate WTF/WHY-TF into the name?
Things that entertain my little flighty mind...