Saturday, July 4

Feelin' pretty unique!!

I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but somehow, I am now "following" my own blog! I can hardly wait to see what I put on there next! (rubbing my little paws together in anticipatory glee!!!)

Been working like a semi-fiend on the grant for the Youth Outreach thingy. I'm feeling relieved that it's almost all the way done. Now, here's the Q o' the day: I've been given a job, that's like gonna be 35-40 hours a week. AND benefits will be part of the package. Problem: 40 minute drive, Will cause me to all-but give up my place at the nonprofit, COMPLETELY, and we're SO close to actually seeing things happen...and IF the non-profit grant comes through, it would pay 1.5 x the offered 40 hour a week gig. AND the 40 hours are not even anything I'd actively have pursued. (I learned somewhere along the line that I have to ask myself if I can see myself working a job in a year, before I take it...a desk, a screen, and paperwork. Not what I'd envisioned. BUT....
Maybe I've just answered my own question. I guess I'll talk it over with the bosses and see what happens.

So, on that note, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!
Free from the mental obsession/physical compulsion THANK GOD!!!!!!
And most of all, FREE from death & the grave!!! WOOOOHHHOOOOOOO!! (That's Hoosier for, um, yahoo, I think.) :)