Monday, July 6

If you haven't yet,

PLEASE oh please listen to this playlist. If you can't get it all right now, then at least listen to #2. Joy Whitlock was on tour with Todd Agnew last year(?) and she just knocked my socks off. This girl has lived a bit, for her years, and her music tells the tale. This song is amazing, to use a currently overused word. But, really, for those in recovery, WOW. I double dare you to listen to this, REALLY pay attention, and not be affected.

"...I know you've been here before, I've seen your scars. The price, it's too high, what if you fall again? I'll fall too...
Regret has pierced your heart; gravity has left it's mark, but I'm playin' for keeps, even death can't do it's part.

Straighten up
eyes ahead
look for me...
You don't have to be scared,
don't be scared,
don't be scared...

don't look... down.

I can barely listen to it and drive at the same time. Ever been there?
Ever just wanted to get on your FACE, and not quite know why?
#3 is so good.
Welcome. He's calling us to come closer...