Sunday, July 26

Moving along....slowly....

We went to get a feel for how a Transitional Living Shelter does things in a college town near here, last week. I was informed shortly before that, that "they don't like the name" that the group had given the (Displaced Youth Task Force). UGH. I created a blog for it, and began writing on it, and now it's not gonna be called that. HUH??
I wonder what it IS gonna be called, but haven't had a chance to ask yet. I find myself torn between feeling kind of defensive about the whole Outreach Project, and fearing that it will go by the wayside, as a direct result of having "the establishment" involved, and at the same time, knowing that I don't really have much information to draw on, as to how this can best be DONE, otherwise.
Then my boss went to talk to a "faith-based" group which I have been very interested in getting to talk to, and is going to meet with me next week to hopefully tell me what she found out. But I WANTED TO GO!!! I don't know how I missed out on that meeting, but I did. While I'm not happy about missing that one, I'm really glad that she went, and I can't wait to hear what she learned.
I have made a committment to doing what ever it takes to get some HELP out to the kids in the area who don't HAVE anyone rooting for them, and I wonder if I'm going to be really sorry for getting this emotionally invested....
So, that's where I've been.
Tell me, what's new with you?