Thursday, August 6

Hope in a mohawk...

I'm smiling as I think about a conversation I had last night, with a few people who were helping out in various forms, at VBS. It began something like this: "You might be ready to do some work in the Outreach to homeless and at-risk youth, if you can hear the name of a young man I met today, and not crack a smile:
His name is Stiffy."
I don't know if any of them were able to not smile, but I know that I also wanted to grin hugely when Stiffy introduced himself to me. I can't tell you what I thought, but it settled in my mind as "What would Jesus do?" I'm pretty sure He wouldn't major in the minors. What this boy wants to be called has no importance, ultimately, as far as whether or not he needs to be helped out of the existence he's found himself in. He described some events that led up to his current situation, "couch-surfing" , and impressed me as a person who will someday make something out of the gifts God has given him. Intelligent, compassionate and considerate, I see a future for Stiffy that does not include wearing the same filthy clothes for days on end. I see him living in a place where he doesn't have to "go along" with the attention-seeking antics of the lesser-intellectually endowed delinquents, just to secure his spot on the floor of the "shared" apartment. They had an adult co-sign the lease for them; I hope to gather more about my young friend's familial situation in the coming days.
Saturday morning there is an event of some kind at the local sk8 park--involving FREE FOOD!! I told Stiffy about it before I left. Such a small conversation, but it felt like I got to touch God's heart for a second. How could I NOT be hooked?
Thanks for the comments. It reminds me that I am accountable. :)