Monday, February 1

Life is funny

Today I'm sitting at the desk of my new work-abode, thinking of things "Access to Recovery"-related. At the same time, I am thinking of a young man of 26, whose parents go to my church. His parents are grieving his death (O.D.) last week. I wasn't sure if I'd seen him with them, so I looked up his myspace page last night. I recognised the pictures of his little boy and girl playing and romping with their grandparents. I think I might have seen him before, but I can't say for sure. It sure is funny that these two ocurrances (ie starting this gig and his death) happened so closely together. I wonder what I will come up with once I've correctly added this equation.
I do not and can not believe in coincidence. God bless those little ones left behind. And God DAMN the utter desolation of addiction.