Monday, February 22

Some days are better'n others

It's been a couple of months (I think) since I became unable to get any of my prescriptions refilled. After the last fiasco in which I attempted to get the A.D.D. meds filled, where the Medical professionals decided that I was obviously trying to pull a fast one--in which I didn't even get ahold of a SINGLE prescription, which would have yielded only a minimal doseage of the aforementioned meds, anyway, I concluded that it wasn't worth the aggravation and I guess I basically gave up.
Now I find myself about to withdraw from a very exciting and promising Internship with the state, because I can't seem to keep up with ONE class, a part time job, and the 10 or so hours a week I have been dedicating to the Internship. I am disgusted, frankly. I remember making the Dean's list while taking 4 classes, and really not having a problem at all with it. I am flunking the ONE class I'm taking, because I can't get myself to sit down long enough to keep up with the online requirements. The depression comes rushing in, and the distractedness and inability to accomplish the simplest of tasks without having to go back and double-check everything (or just running around in circles to find what I JUST set down...)are fueling the increasing hopelessness and discouragement.
I figured I ought to check in with you now, while I'm thinking about it. I posted on my facebook status that I'm "ISO Mental Health Advocate." But I doubt if anyone will either take me seriously, OR have a clue of where to find anyone who could assist me.
And it didn't help that I got the "bright" idea to check up on all the abusers from my past, and see if they were on fb. Um, yeah, they are. Pictures and all. The worst has his status as "widowed" and I SERIOUSLY wonder if he didn't kill her, if that's even the truth.
Going to bed, now. Take care of yourselves, y'all.
And be kind to crazies, they might be me.