Sunday, March 21

Day 6: checking in

OK, so I was a little cocky at first. I thought to myself "What is everyone whining about?" I was doing pretty well; a little uncomfortable, admittedly, but overall, not too bad.
Then, on Friday, the lady I was working for offered me a piece of toast. No big deal, I didn't have anything but a touch of butter on it. I didn't feel too guilty about it. Then, later, I was at a friend's house and there was a big ol' roast fresh out of the oven...and it didn't end, there.
So I was gonna post a status on one of my miniblogs about being an abject failure. I know I'm not, but it felt like it. It occurred to me that the fast is (thus far) having the effect of showing me myself, like the Word being held up to me to see myself...and I see how weak and powerless I truly am, outside of the Power of God.