Tuesday, March 9

Finding, findings, founding, foundlings?

I have been becoming more and more engrossed with the "Tiny House" movement/community. I don't know what to call it, but it is completely thrilling to me. REAL people, NON-builders, I mean, are creating their very own HOMES--and living in them, and they are FREE, FREEEEE I TELL YOU, from the TRAPPINGS of "THE MAN". Living off the grid, has to be something that I will experience, and I truly hope it will be sooner rather than later. I've got so many links on my "favorites that I can't even put them up here. Just do a google search for "Cob" houses, or "Ecovillage"...There are several great blogs in here (blogger, I mean), but I would hate to besmirch some by listing others and leaving them out. SO I won't name any right now. But, I find myself drawn to these pictures and words of people who are sick of being tied to the corruption and wastefulness that our society has embraced in it's entirety...
God, help me to think only as much as I need to in order to DO MORE of the next right thing.

Peace. Out.