Saturday, April 3

the in-between day

Hello, all. It's the Saturday between "Good Friday" and Easter. I wonder what the disciples were thinking on this day? Some say they were looking into getting back into their fishing boats...I know that I would have been reeling from what I'd thought was going to happen vs. what actually happened (yesterday). I've never been very good at waiting to see what God was up to, so I would hope that if I'd been there, I'd be helping someone do SOMETHING, to make the day go by.
I LOVE the fact that when it was discovered that Jesus was NOT in the tomb, it was WOMEN who found the empty grave. WOW. That's not exactly how I was always taught that God would have it work out. (What with women being the "lesser" gender, and all) Not I've learned that the ppl who taught me those things were sadly mistaken. THANK GOD.
I dunno if there will be any Easter Egg hunts today, since it's rainy and cold outside, but I guarantee you that tomorrow will be my FAVORITE Holiday, regardless. Seriously.