Friday, April 9

Older, and hopefully wiser

Ola, all. 2 days ago I turned 45 years young. :) It was a rather uneventful day, admittedly, other than a couple of sweet gifts, there really wasn't much to distinguish it from the day before or the day after. And I kinda like it like that.
There were no crisis (Crisees?), no blood, to speak of, and no temper tantrums, from myself or the kids. My oldest, B, gave me a cute card with a cat on it. In the spirit of giving him a taste of his own medicine, I asked before opening it, "Is there any money in it?" ha ha. He said No and I pretended to be uninterested in it, in that case.
Mom made me (us)a nice dinner, and ME she made an angel food cake. YUMMMMM!!! OMG is there anything better? I really don't think so, unless MAYBE it's the batter before cooking. :D I could truly live on that stuff.
Thanks to Facebook reminding everyone of their friends' B-days, I got a lot of "Happy Birthdays", and as someone who forgets that sort of thing, I really appreciated it.
Well, I've gotta scoot. Using the library's computers now, so I'll hit ya another day. Love and peace.
Oh, and hugs and angel food cake!!