Wednesday, April 21

Spring has absolutely SPRUNG in Central Indiana!!!

WOOO HOOOO!! (That's Hoosier for "Yeehaw" or "Get down" or possibly "H--- yeah!")
The trees are budding, the flowers are filling the air with their soft fragrances, and my eldest appears to be "in love". I think Spring cannot be denied.
I made it through the fast, and I'm DELIGHTED to tell you that I'm right around 15# lighter for my efforts, and I believe that I may be seeing my prayers already beginning to be answered. WOW. Yes, I am rather anxious about THAT. I'm feeling again like "What if I got the thing that I've been looking and hoping for my entire life?"
Those of you who know about addictions will understand the "fear of failure/fear of success" paradox. ;)
Anyway, I'm working now, not doing school, and thinking through my options for the next few months. I don't think I'm gonna pick up the textbooks again for a while. I will look into more/better employment. I'm getting to know my clients ENTIRELY more intimately than I EVER wanted to know...well, pretty much anyone. Except for the rubber glove stuff, it's not really a bad gig, but that rubber glove stuff....EW. There is no question in my mind about ever considering a career in nursing. UGH. No thanks. I think Midwifery is the closest I'd want to get. I think that sounds pretty rewarding and MORE, but seriously, I'm looking forward to getting to do what I KNOW and get paid for it. Some day.
I hope you have been outside to feel the sun on your faces recently. It really is heavenly, after a long grey winter.
Blessings! And if nobody's told you lately that they love you, God loves you and so do I.