Tuesday, January 29

Oh, yes I DID!!

I finally (2 months after the fact) went to a meeting last Sunday night and collected my Anniversary Token. "XX" it says. My Sponsor said she didn't know what I was doing, but it seems to be working! :-/ I love her as much as I can love any woman, I guess. She seems to be open, emotionally and generous with herself and her time. I can only imagine how that is, right now. (See the other blog for more info on that) Here. I still want what she has, even 20 years later. Now as I've grown to know more about myself, I'm not sure I can actually achieve what Sweet Sandy has, but with a little help from here and there, I'm going to see what I can do. :)

Oh, and the meeting was great. The topic was something about the difference between how happy, joyous and free folks with a program can be, vs. how miserable so many religious people are. I've been to churches a'plenty, and left feeling more alone and hopeless than before I went; and there have been very few times when I left a 12 step meeting feeling worse. Go figure, huh? God led me to AA and AA led me back to God.