Friday, April 12

What am I really hungry for, part 2

This afternoon I was listening to the radio and the usual afternoon women's talk show had a lady talking about a plan for changing your eating habits. (I did not say diet, you'll notice. ) Anyway, the thing that struck me about this chat, was when someone said that instead of just grabbing something to eat, they stop themselves, and ask what they are hungry for: food, or God? Hm. I am SO in need of this kind of thought alteration. I know that when I eat I am actually using food for something it is not meant for. (Trying to fill the God-sized hole, of course. Oddly enough, that's the gist of what the meeting was about this afternoon!)
So, yeah. I must incorporate this pause into my daily routine. Thank GOD the tap water here is so good. Just gotta get in to the habit again of drinking a lot more water.
Catch ya L8r! ;o)

This one was published in 2008. Wow. I've gotta post an updated gratitude list soon...  :)

And, P.S. if you're wondering why it's been so long between posts, again, PLEASE go read here