Sunday, August 17

Could it be a REAL job w/ HOURS, that I LIKE!??!!

Hiya, boys and grrls!
Last night was my first official work shift at the place I am now working---and actually getting a decent amount of hours!---the "Behavioral Center", which is a residential place for children and adolescents with behavioral and mental challenges. Several are DD and CD (Dual and Chemically Dependant), and reading some of their charts after lights out was so very sobering.
I was on the Unit with the more severe young women, including ages 11 to almost 18, I think. I brought some of the Orientation pprwork here to work with me to study up. Overall, it went really smoothly, but the honeymoon won't last that long I'm SURE. It's easy to be more patient with them, keeping in mind that they are KIDS. It was interesting to observe the interactions between a very curvy and cute 11th grade girl and a younger (male)Tech. Couldn't really tell if there was a crush situation happening, but it is something to be extra careful about even appearing like it could be. One of the Orientation movies was about a pt. crushing on a young male tech, and this was def not like THAT, but it's easy to see how it could happen, especially for the girls being cooped up with only each other's company, and the young guys; well, you know they're pretty much subject to their hormones, anyway, aren't they? lol
Seriously, the Tech was completely appropriate and there were no boundaries being ANY way crossed, but the girl obviously likes him a lot. Could have even been a sibling-ish thing, as there were not overtones at all, but I was just keeping an eye on them. Seems like a very nice girl, there to get mentally and emotionally stabilized to finish up High School, basically. Was talking to Tech boy about her not having any friends at school, and about younger boys there asking her if they could have a hug. (She is STACKED) I remember that "line" from the itty bitty boys when *I* was in High School! Was glad that she rolled her eyes at them and went on her way.
It seems like for the first part, anyway, I will get to kind of mentor the girls to a degree. I feel comfortable there, and really quite happy to FINALLY be in "my element"....and not just my ride. ;)

Oh, and just to keep you in the loop, Mr. Georgia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (took a leave of absence) the other day.With no contact whatsoever for right at 2 weeks, I was stumped as to what had happened, and of course my fears told me that he was just like all the rest... and I needed to move on. I mourned the loss of the friendship and what could have been... Men. Can't live with'em, and can't shoot'em.

Oh, well, I'm beginning to think that while there might be just as FEW quality men online as there are pound-for-pound in TRW (the real world), I can just keep in mind that it's not something that I want to try to get emotionally involved in. I know we can all show our 'back-sides' on occasion. I was just so hoping that it would be a long term thing. Well, Alannis Morrissette said some good things, one of them being "you live, you learn"...