Friday, October 24

Hello, Friends!!

I bought myself a snazzy little silver ring at the Kohl's Grand Opening a few days before (? I think)going to M's place, and it was directly due to a conversation we'd had. On the top of it are the words "Love" and "Life", and on the INSIDE--the best part--it says "Be Brave".

"Just For Today" I will not let my fears dictate my decisions. I will love fearlessly (gulp) and laugh loudly, every chance I get. We are not promised tomorrow, and nobody promised me a rose garden. One last thought:
If you thought you could snatch a little bit of Heaven on Earth, and just maybe live your dreams for a short time, would you trade a lonely kind of security for it? Being alone is familiar, isn't it? But last week, my Pastor's beautiful wife JuLee said that when we build walls around our hurts, to keep from being hurt again, we are actually building the walls that keep the old hurts unless I tear down the walls, I can't evict the old stuff, and welcome in the new opportunities.
But like the old song goes: "Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anyone really care?"
Do I trust God? Or not?