Monday, October 27


Got your attention, huh? I have nothing to say about normalcy, save that I think it is as elusive and mythical, in MY experience, as a Unicorn. As as sweet to actually experience. Intangible is the most descri[tive thing I can think of to describe it.
Yesterday at church in the morning it was a PHENOMINAL time. A friend of mine from NA and his long-time love came along to church with the boys & I. "Shane" was in the local Tx facility for a few days, just before the weekend, and knowing his beliefs and spirituality to be like my own, I knew he would be relieved to go. AND that turned out to be an understatement. God had plans for him---the sermon really couldn't have been more directed to the things Shane has been struggling with, and he was delivered and found a great deal of peace before the morning was over. It was so good to see the change in him. His countenence---well, it wasn't that he "shone" (ala Moses on the mountain) exactly, but it was clear that he was a different man from the one who had arrived there, just a short tine earlier.
At the evening "Small Groups" thing, where about a dozen of us get together at someone's home for a more intimate time together, the topic of discussion was one that had me fairly squirming in my seat the entire time.
I have been facing my own fallability recently, and I am really on a fence, it seems. "To thine own self be true" is what I have learned in recovery. First and foremost, for me, that means being true to the convictions I have about being the woman that God created me to be. As I have journeyed on this path of re-learning life, there have been a lot of things that I have examined that I thought I KNEW, and have found that the TRUTH of the matter wasn't exactly what I'd previously been taught. I am thinking of some ideas found in a book called "25 Tough Questions about Women and the Church" for example....