Wednesday, October 8

Not so bad

Today I stepped out of my comfort zone. (MOREOVER, I stepped out of some ppl's that are in my life, but that's another story.)
I am sitting here in the seat of a friend's computer desk, using HIS computer to post this post. I have to tell you that there were times in the last few days, thinking about making this trip into the unknown, that I've wondered if I was going to actually be physically able to do it. I felt ill yesterday, and although there easily could have been other things contributing to it, I am fairly certain the thought of meeting a (gulp) MAN who seems to be kind and caring, and a LOT of other really cool thing, was TERRIFYING me. My experience, as you are probably well aware, has taught me one thing for certain: it is DANGEROUS to allow myself to begin feeling things for a man.
Yet, here I sit. I AM a thrill-seeker, aren't I? (Well, duh, Ab, you have had a fondness for the risky and the unusual for the better part of your life---and when you mix in a liberal dose of emotional ROLLER-COASTERING, well, Hell.....) So, I've been at my friend's for the afternoon, and I will be returning home tomorrow.
It's been nice. I fixed fried green tomatoes, and they were "fine". Hmph. Well, that's ok. I never said I knew how to cook in the KITCHEN. LOL
So, I'll update you all -- more or less -- when I get home...
Yes, it IS nice to be with a man who thinks I'm pretty cool.