Tuesday, December 23

ADHD isn't always so bad...

Last night was our church's Christmas program, and there were a couple of things about it that I had to tell you about. One, the lesser of them is that I got to pet a CAMEL, and an Elpaca (SP?)which btw, has THE softest fur of anything in the entire world, except for maybe a chinchilla. It rocked. Really. I love animals so much. If I were ever stranded on the proverbial deserted island, I'd hope there were some semi-friendly critters there to while away the time with.
Secondly, and YES I'm saving the best for last:
The younger school-aged kids sang a great rendition of the Little Drummer Boy. Not all that incredible, really. They did a good job, and all looked clean enough, and seemed to all know the words, etc...pan to the middle of the top row of kids: my 8 year old. Wow. My story is this: it was the Spirit of God moving on/in him, and it was an Interpretive Dance. On purpose. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
That boy was ALL over his little piece of the line-up, doing air-drums, singing his little heart out, and really just jammin!!! At the end, he even broke out a little air guitar, which I'm told would be a tribute to the new youth Pastor, who does air guitar for the kids often. I took a few pictures of Elijah with my cell phone, and it was pointless, really: one of them has a line of kids, and the place where E was to be, is only a blank spot. The next picture, has, maybe his arm, as he was waving and bending over, and the next one is his face singing the words (oh, yeah, even singing the WORDS!), but with the air drumming going like crazy.
I was told be the Associate Pastor afterward that the entire sound crew were cracking up over his performance. I tried not to beam. I DID give what seemed like a semi-required talk to him this morning, about it probably not being the BEST thing to have taken the whole show like that...but he knows I was really kind of tickled.
Hey, he was A) singing the WORDS AND B) standing where he was s'posed to be--you can't get much better than that!
And, I'm sorry, but the rest of those kids just didn't have the Spirit, or else they might have been sedated, I don't know, but my boy added a flair to that show that no one will be able to forget or deny.
Like I said at the time:
Yes, that's my boy. lol