Friday, December 26

Say "Wah-See-On"

That's how they pronounce it. It's an old Indian name, I guess. Hm.
So I'll be here for several days, or at lest that's the plan. As expected, I got a near critical call on the way up here: one of the video games doesn't work, and do I have the receipt, so they can trade it for one that works? Well, sure, but I'll have to find the receipt. Got another call this morning, asking when I was going to bring it over. WHATEVER. Somehow, I just KNEW it wasn't going to be like I could have an entire 3-5 days break from interacting with the ex.
Sure, of course I miss my babies. The older one was getting a ration (as in "ration of sh*t") already from DxH, so I told Mom she ought to maybe check in at some point... When I came in the door for the Christmas morning thing, the first thing said was "Mom, show Dad your bracelet we got you, he said it can't be diamonds." Which I informed him that it's not, which it said on the box, it's CZ, but that's actually preferrable to an ADD-Momma like myself. lol But what DxH SAID, is that it "can't be worth anything" for that price. AN obvious, easy slam on the 15 year old who picked it out and was proud to have gotten it for his Mom. I said it's worth a WHOLE lot b/c my boys got it for me. But is it me, or is it pathetic that he has to find any way possible to attack my son's pride? Not like there's much left.
I wonder what it's going to take for him to figure out that he doesn't HAVE to say everything or act on everything he FEELS, particularly when he's feeling upset with me? Maybe this will be the last time B has to go over to his place for any amount of time. Maybe I will see if he wants to come up to Ohio for a few days, next time. :) And the bonus will be, that I'll be bringing them BOTH, cos the little one won't want to miss out on that!
Well, we'll see. I hope everyone has had a wonderful, peaceful and at least a little bit restful Holy-day break. :D