Tuesday, December 16

Greetings, Shoppers!

Wow do I HATE shopping!! Well, maybe not SHOPPING, necessarily, but maybe the fact of being there with so MANY other folks that I don't know, and in such a small space....Hm. I'm not anxious about being in small spaces, nor am I particularly upset by ppl in general, but when you get the 2 factors combined, watch out!!
I've been thrilled to see that I have an official blog-follower! (YAYYYY!!) Thank you--and you know who you are-- for not being ashamed ot say that you're my friend. lol This recovery gig IS a trip at times--pun intended--but you're getting it, ODAT.
OK< ppl, now let's get in there and make the most of the next, uh, 14 days??

P.S. Even though it's kind of freaking me out, just b/c it IS, I'm going to go see my Buckeye man after Christmas. There are many things about "us" that appears to be simply OK--as in NOT abusive or twisted in any obvious ways--so you know I'm kind of freaking out as a part of my normal day, now. He seems to be steadily moving forward, though, so I've decided to watch him and see if I can follow his footsteps. As long as it doesn't get painful, I'll keep up. :)
Pray for me, guys!! This is SO completely foreign to me!!! ;)