Monday, December 8

Response to Lost Child posting...

Why is it that I can hold SO tightly onto things that I need to DROP, right up until I am backed so far into a corner that I must let go or die. These things consume my every waking thought, to the detriment of the things that are MY responsibility. So, how do we let go BEFORE they suck the life out of us?
I need to FEEL, for my own recovery, yet feeling about my clients can be such a bad thing....?
I don't have to experience this so much, in my present position, but I am SO aware that I feel this way. I feel bad for those who have been in the field so long that they seem to be calloused, and UNfeeling. They say this is not the case, but is it? Do they tell themselves this, to rationalize to themselves? I just don't get it.
I have to help ppl, but am I destined to have to give myself, in such a literal sense???