Tuesday, September 7

Hey...yep, it's me. :)

I've missed you!! Have you missed me? Of course you have. I'm so sorry I've gotten to be so lacsidasical(sp?) about posting. What with the lack of internet at the homestead, it's made it rather difficult to get enough time to tend to all of my faves online. I hope this will change in the next few months. I am researching the possibilities of building a cob house, probably in Tennessee where my dear friend and her family live, but nothing is certain at the moment. My Love is in Indy, about to begin a sweet job that will create very nice changes in our lives, individually and together. We're not sure of when we'll be wed, but it is quite likely to be before December. Anyway, I've got to be running. (A.D.D. and all, you know.) Love to you all, and I'm going to try to get back here soon. TCB, and JFT